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Rovan Singh


Rovan Singh is a passionate and dedicated entrepreneur with a focus in real estate.

Rovan Singh is an entrepreneur with a strong background in real estate investment. Rovan is currently living in Toronto, Canada, but spent much of his adult life in Italy. He is a driven professional with a natural affinity for business and investment. Rovan is constantly researching and improving upon his skills in order to achieve his goals of becoming a successful entrepreneur and real estate executive.

About seven years ago Rovan realized the real estate industry had experienced a turn-around and was growing rapidly. After conducting research Rovan decided to move to North America, specifically Toronto, Canada, where his chances of success and increased opportunity were much greater. Rovan was motivated to move to be closer to family and to benefit from the Canadian laws that allowed for easier diversification of money and tax laws that were less limiting.

Rovan Singh is currently enrolled in online classes and will obtain his Bachelor’s degree in Business in the near future. Rovan’s first job after moving to Toronto was in the restaurant industry. Shortly after he found a job in sales and learned essential skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur such as communicating effectively, unique selling propositions, the art of the pitch, and following up with potential clients. Once he had gained the knowledge necessary in sales he began his career in real estate investment.

Rovan was a self-taught entrepreneur before he enrolled in business courses, but has gained important skills by evaluating and researching leaders in the industry. Most notably Rovan has studied Tony Robbins’s methods and strategies to become a better businessman. Tony Robbins is a well-known author, philanthropist and life coach who has spent the majority of his career as one of the world’s most recognizable and successful entrepreneurs. Rovan Singh has carefully curated research on best practices, innovative techniques and learned how to avoid simple mistakes most budding entrepreneurs often make. By learning from others he sets himself apart and gives his career an edge by being willing to learn from his mistakes and improving regardless of the obstacles in his way.

Rovan Singh is committed to real estate investment and entrepreneurship not only for person gain, but to help improve the lives around him. By using his competence in business development and investment he can pass on his knowledge as well as assets to future generations of his family. Rovan recently founded his first company that focuses on housing development specifically townhomes, condos and commercial single buildings. After moving across the globe from Italy to Canada Rovan has continuously proven himself up to the challenge and sets no limits on the successes he can achieve.

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